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car dealer ad
Their Marketing Mandate

Most car dealer  advertising looks completely interchangeable:  cars splashed all over the page, special limited time offers, incomprehensible charts, crazy typography and screaming prices. The individual dealer has no specific identity at all. HB Chevrolet wanted a campaign that would make them stand out from their competition. A campaign that would make them look good yet at the same time stress their nuts and bolts virtues: the best cars, the best service, the lowest prices.

Our Creative Solution   

The route we chose was to give voice to the true feelings of the prospective car buyer. And have them do it in the first person.  For instance, to have them express their sorrow at parting with their old car.  Or to baldly state their hostility to car dealers. The campaign gained immediate attention.  After all, the ads didn’t look like the usual car dealer ads and they were definitely attention-grabbing. Particularly the provocatively worded anti-car dealer sentiments.  Of course, the fact that HB Chevrolet was running the campaign made HB Chevrolet look very confident.  Obviously, HB Chevrolet came off as the exception to the rule; that is the rule of the untrustworthy car dealer. The ads also incorporated each car buyer’s eventual conversion. As well as the actual selling price of the car.  It was the single most successful advertising campaign in HB Chevrolet’s history.
Last Updated on Thursday, 04 December 2008 15:06