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Their Marketing Mandate

Early in 2004, we were approached by a group of entrepreneurs in possession of a revolutionary new medical procedure. It was called DGHAL.  The initials stood for Doppler Guided Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation.  Basically, it was a highly advanced, extremely effective way to get rid of hemorrhoids.  And to get rid of them forever.  In fact, the treatment had just received FDA approval. What they wanted us to do was brand this treatment. Also to name the initial group of clinics they were planning to set up.   Once done, we were to create an advertising campaign to run primarily in the Northeast states.

Our Creative Solution

In branding this startup company, we incorporated both the total focus on hemorrhoids and the medical technology for its treatment.  We named it The DGU Center For Advanced Hemorrhoid Care.  (In its simplified form, DGU means Doppler Guided Ultrasound.)

In our advertising, we made a point of trumpeting the actual physical outcome of the treatment. An outcome that every hemorrhoid sufferer could relate to.  And rejoice in.  For instance:  “Your Hemorrhoids Are History.”  It’s a sensational, unprecedented promise --- but it’s one we could make.  We could do so because the treatment not only had FDA approval … but because it had a 5 year track record in Europe.  (A documented 95% success rate. With zero recurrence of hemorrhoids.)  

The campaign is scheduled to start running early in 2005. We’re confident it’ll make its own kind of history.