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Their Marketing Mandate

VAC --- a product warranty company --- wished to draw more attention to itself. And, of course, pick up more business. By federal law, warranties are required for all products. Certainly, the original manufacturers themselves can issue these warranties.  However, it’s often more advantageous for a manufacturer to let  a  product warranty company take over this task.

Our Creative Solution

Essentially our mandate was to persuade manufacturers to strike up a strategic alliance with VAC. In doing so, we had to face two obstacles:  (1)   Many manufacturers resist such a move as unnecessary.  (2)  Many other manufacturers were already in business with competing product warranty companies. Therefore we decided the right strategy was shock tactics.  Ads with headlines such as “Why It’s A Bad Idea For You To Stand Behind Your Products” pressed home the first part of VAC’s argument.  Specifically --- that allying itself with a product warranty company like VAC was far more economical and efficient for a manufacturer.  VAC could take care of all that Washington red tape.  And VAC could also take care of all the product servicing.  That way the manufacturer was free to focus on manufacturing.  Within the body of each ad, we also addressed the second part of the argument.  Namely the many ways VAC was superior to its competition in performing this task … and why a manufacturer who was already allied with another warranty company should switch.