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Their Marketing Mandate

Only a few short years ago, Chef was an obscure little Australian company that specialized in making apparel for professional chefs.  When Chef decided to launch an operation in America, they asked us to help brand them. We went to work.  Today Chef is one of the biggest names in its niche.   In fact,  Chef has become the  Number Two maker of  professional chefs’ apparel … not only in America but across the entire world.  

Our Creative Solution

When Chef entered the field, it had several strikes against it.   To begin with, the professional chef apparel niche was already overcrowded.  Then there was the fact that two huge names dominated that niche.  The advertising budgets of these two companies totally dwarfed that of our then tiny client.  We decided the best strategy was simply to ignore the competition. We pushed the envelope ever so slightly.  We positioned Chef as already the acknowledged leader in its field.  Which, we argued, was no surprise. After all, chefs everywhere knew that Chef was far superior in the caliber of its clothing … in its advanced array of practical built-in features … and in the peerless stylishness of its tailoring.  In a series of carefully calibrated ads, we suggested that the world’s most successful chefs just naturally gravitated to our brand.  We proudly claim at least partial credit for Chef’s meteoric rise in the professional chefs’ apparel firmament.