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Their Marketing Mandate

Strategic Information Services --- or SIS --- was a newly launched division of Fairchild Publications. More specifically, SIS was a spin-off  of Fairchild’s “Women’s Wear Daily.”  The purpose of SIS was to offer customized market intelligence to the entire garment industry.  Since SIS was at the apparel nerve center, they had access to a global network of information resources.  Our task?  To create advertising that would sell their services to the trade.

Our Creative Solution  

Actually, SIS asked us to create advertising for a number of related missions. One was to sell twelve encyclopedic volumes that they published annually.  Each covered a specific niche in the apparel industry. We reproduced all twelve volumes across two newspaper pages.  Over these two pages, we placed the definitive headline:  “The Bibles.”   SIS also put out periodic detailed studies predicting future apparel trends and developments.  We ran a double page spread with this headline:  “Hindsight Costs Nothing.  Foresight is $7,500 A Year.”  When we focused on offering SIS customized market intelligence to the apparel industry, we dramatized an actual case history with this headline:  “How We Proved That Casual Khakis Would Be A Raging Success.  Before It Ever Happened.”  All the ads ran as  double page spreads in “Women’s Wear Daily” and other industry publications. They scored major successes.  In fact, they  helped to launch SIS as a respected brand offering extremely valuable apparel industry services.