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THE FREEDOM BOAT CLUBfreedom boat club

Their Marketing Mandate

The Freedom Boat Club was a business based on offering people a very tempting  proposition:  full access to any of a huge fleet of beautiful boats … for any length of time …without ever having to worry about the expenses and responsibilities of ownership. Actually a pretty innovative concept.  They wanted us to target the nautical-minded and dramatize this  concept’s many  advantages.

Our Creative Solution

We knew we couldn’t position The Freedom Boat Club as a sort of a sea-going rent-a-car. The service was too unique and multi-layered for that. Our task was to define the basic idea while simultaneously extolling its benefits.  To celebrate the emotional satisfaction of going to sea piloting your own vessel without ever having to pay for its steep costs. And that’s what we did.  In ads like “The Ecstasy Of Boating Without The Agony Of Owning” we pointed out that you could experience the exhilaration without also experiencing the non-exhilaration.  That is, the non-exhilarating  costs of buying … of insurance …  of maintenance …  of storage, etc.

Say, are you possessed of a nautical nature?  If so, we heartily recommend you look into The Freedom Boat Club.  No, we’re not saying that just because they’re a client. It’s really a sensational concept.  Honest!