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Their Marketing Mandate

Desert Moon Restaurants --- a quick service (as opposed to a fast food) --- franchise originating in Arizona was opening branches throughout the Northeast.  Although their food seemed Mexican-inspired, Desert Moon didn’t want to be known as a Mexican fast food chain. Sure, they featured tacos, burritos and enchiladas.  But these items weren’t of the standard, familiar kind.  They were far tastier and had superior ingredients. Desert Moon asked us to launch their introductory advertising campaign.

Our Creative Solution

Our very first priority was to position Desert Moon.  Since we had to stay away from the word “Mexican” here’s how we branded them:  “Desert Moon.  Mouth-Watering Food Straight From The Fires Of The Old Southwest.” The way we saw it, our client had two separate constituencies.  The first?  People who already ate Mexican food and would be drawn to the promise of superiority.  The second?  People who never ate Mexican food yet could be converted by the suggestion of Desert Moon’s distinct, lip-smacking difference. We recommended outdoor advertising as being the most efficient, cost-effective medium here.  And so we featured lavish photography of the most prominent items on their menu.  Accompanied by such headlines as “Never Cared For Tacos, Burritos and Enchiladas Your Whole Life?   Permit Us To Offer You A Life-Altering Experience.”  Essentially this campaign marks the newest spin on the fastest-growing food category in America.