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ZITOMER zitomer

Their Marketing Mandate

Zitomer has been an upscale shopping destination for over half a century. They had begun as a small pharmacy and then gradually expanded to a high end gift store.  In the nineties, we were asked to glamorize this dual identity.  We positioned them as “Zitomer.  Part Plush Little Department Store, Part Posh Little Pharmacy.”  However, it was now the 21st century.  Zitomer’s primary customer base had become wealthy, retirement age dowagers.  They wanted us to create a campaign that essentially would attract a new, much younger demographic.

Our Creative Solution  

We began with this assumption:  to refresh Zitomer’s constituency, the worst thing we could do would be to stress their half century heritage. We set out to squash even a hint  of the fuddy-duddy factor. What we did was to create a campaign featuring attractive women in their twenties.  Specifically --- upscale women with upscale issues. All in a tone that was smart, slightly self-deprecatory and deliberately attention-grabbing. The campaign ran in New York Magazine as well as in other trendy life-style publications. It totally re-positioned Zitomer as nothing short of a joyous  shopping odyssey for health-conscious,   fashion-conscious young people.
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