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Their Marketing Mandate

In seeking to attract new depositors, Broadway National Bank was introducing a series of innovative changes. These changes touched on everything from speedier internal processing procedures … to the improved physical layout of its branches.  We were handed the task of dramatizing these developments in order to pull in a brand new clientele.  

Our Creative Solution

Broadway National Bank was essentially a commercial bank.  That being the case, we thought its message could most effectively be conveyed by using street kiosks.  That is, kiosks located in busy commercial districts. But just because Broadway National Bank happened to be a commercial bank there was no reason to be stuffy.  After all, business owners are people too. Therefore the tone we adopted was very warm, very personal, very un-financialish.  A startling departure for this category. The campaign worked well. There’s nothing like putting a human face on what is so often seen as just another cold, gray commercial institution.
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