THE JOHNSSON GROUP johnssongroup

Their Marketing Mandate  

In the wake of the Enron scandal, giant financial consulting companies such as Arthur Anderson were in a great deal of  trouble. The heart of the problem was that they had two identities:  they were both financial consultants as well as auditors. Obviously, this created a conflict of interest.  From its inception, The Johnsson Group had always been a pure financial consulting company.  As a relatively new but a not a particularly well known name, The Johnsson Group wished to capitalize on this critical point of difference.

Our Creative Solution    

What we developed was a campaign that dramatized The Johnsson Group’s virtues by pointing out the consequences of their absence in much of the competition.  Those consequences, of course, could sometimes be relentless government scrutiny of a company’s books and catastrophic  failure of that company in the marketplace.  In addition, we also stressed The Johnsson Group’s unique ability to not only develop winning financial strategies but to implement them internally as well.  The campaign was a huge success. Our full page ads ran in The Wall Street Journal and helped put The Johnsson Group squarely on the map.
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